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Sports Outlooks for New Rules and Procedures

January 2, 2017

compiled by Prez Ro
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Building Men and Women via Athletics

Here a list of suggestions we have compiled for new Rules and / or procedures that we think would improve sports near and far.

MLB: Speed up the game by eliminating mound visits and multiple pitching changes and consider the electronic proposal HBO Real Sports aired Tuesday, September 27, 2017.
High School: schedule games in a cluster (or same location) especially for conference play and monitor scheduling around graduation season where a students doesn’t have to weigh the odds of a State finals contest or participate in graduation ceremony.


NBA: Whenever a play is being reviewed, teams must go to a neutral corner of the floor or even opposite of their bench. Teams can’t receive a fake timeout. Also hire a true third (or fourth official) to speed up replays or questionable calls
NCAA: Get rid of one and done!!! If an athlete is so-called ready to go pro… let them – bye bye! But if you sign a letter of intent, it’s good for three years like football. This way, those that think they are pro ready can go… but those that go to college, you can build a solid program around these students, be in somewhat control of your destiny and job security, and the athletes can polish up on their athletic skills. More to come on this one…
High School: Modify and better manage revenue generated tournaments where big name corporations aren’t making mega dollars off the back of so-called student-athletes who receive nothing but exposure (wink wink).


NFL: Modify replays… hire a true review official at every game that works hand in hand with television broadcast. This official reviews the same stuff we see on TV, communicates the ruling down to the field all while the fans in the stands see the entire process live on the jumbo-trons…. This will definitely speed up the game and give the fans pure interaction to the game.
NCAA: Modify the scheduling… ALL top 20 (or 26, must be even) teams from the season before are opens up a slot on their schedule that the NCAA owns which in part they (NCAA governing body) makes teams play an out of conference foe so we can try our best to remove the statement “this team is undefeated but they didn’t play anyone…”
High School: Make officials take fitness exams and be of how can we say physical appearance. Too often, officials are not in shape enough to keep up with the movement of today’s game. If a team runs a hurry up and is moving the ball, they should not be penalized by an out-of-shape official who can’t keep up.


High School: monitor scheduling around graduation season where a students doesn’t have to weigh the odds of a State finals contest or participate in graduation ceremony.


Just thoughts… any additional ideas? Click here to share!



Building Men & Women via Athletics


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