Best Way to make an impact as a freshmen

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How to make an impact as a freshmen student-athlete?

August 11, 2016

compiled by Prez Ro
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Q: What’s the best way to make an impact as a freshman in college?

Rule #1 – as an athlete, let your actions speak louder than your words! College coaches make a million promises during the recruiting process, understand it won’t be as easy for you as they’ve made it sound. There will be adjustments and tough times, but they brought you there for a reason and believe in you!

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Some first year tips…

#1- Have a great attitude, be someone that your teammates and coaches want to be around. Too many freshmen get frustrated and bitter too quickly over playing time issues – most often, even before pre-season camp is over. This is a process, enjoy the ride. Your freshman year will be over quick! It’s not about how quickly you start your career, but what you are able to accomplish over your entire career. Have a great attitude while developing during your first year as a collegiate athlete!

#2- Understand there are opportunities every day! Practice is your biggest opportunity, along with understanding the playbook, film review, position meetings. Learn the system and develop your position skills—and don’t feel overlooked if you aren’t starting or playing a ton of minutes (or at all) yet. Get an advantage with the Xs and Os. Learn to do things your head coach’s way! Rather focusing just on playing time and stats, focus on EVERY opportunity you have to showcase your skills.

#3- The film doesn’t lie, let it be a great reflection of your skills, speed and maturity. Coaches want how you behave on the sideline—be about business when at practice and meetings, even if you are on the sideline or third-string. Coaches watch everyone, all the time, and how you behave when you think they aren’t watching does play a role in their overall picture of your maturity.
#4- Do the dirty work others won’t. Rebounds, blocking, helping set the play up, etc. Players worry about stats, starts and how many touches they get—what can you do without the ball in your hand to help the team? Ask your coaches! If you aren’t playing, always have a positive energy on the sideline and be your team’s biggest cheerleader. There are always ways you can help your team—be a positive force any way that you can.

#5- The biggest problem for freshmen is time management. Be where you’re supposed to be, when you’re supposed to be there—and be there 5 minutes early. Being late for class, study hall, meetings, training room treatments, film, workouts and practice all likely result in punishment. Do what is asked of you the first time and being where you’re supposed to be can make things much smoother for you during your freshman year!

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