Our Apology for Sports

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August 2012

“Hello, I’m Prez Ro, this is Amateur Sports News Network. I love sports… America loves sports. But in sports, as in life, we must hold ourselves accountable. And so today… tonight… this very moment… I apologize to sports lovers for media’s  failure – I’m referring to the failure of the pure ability to just report what happens on the field of play, not barking out our personal, non-factual based opinions first…

More specifically, I’m referring to our lack of ability to successfully inform and broaden the scope of sports to our audience at large. Let me be clear that I don’t apologize on behalf of all broadcast journalists, nor do all broadcast journalists owe an apology. I’m speaking totally for myself, Prez Ro. I recognize that I too was drawn closer to the light of opinionated sports journalism in order to spark debate, trigger web traffic, which generates cash, as well as grasp attention – wanted and unwanted. I have recognized that on some occasions I may misdirected your attention to delusions… to what if’s… and made you form your own opinion without creating substance and facts.

The reason our sports industry is failing isn’t a mystery – we all want the ratings… to be the top-dog… and of course, we all want to be FIRST.

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