Difference between GOOD and GREAT

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Difference between GOOD and Great…

a conversation needed right now

July 3, 2012

One of the words that are way overused in our society is the term “Great”. Everyone wants to just throw that term on the table without evaluating the traits that make up the word. It’s a joke how people like throwing this word around like they giving out change in a toll-booth. To be great at anything it means that you have established yourself in an elite status of your peers.

In the basketball community, that term is very popular when evaluating a prospect at the high school, college, and pro levels. From a player, coach, and scouting perspective that is a word that should be used when characterizing an elite player and not just a player that has some talent.

Too many young players in this country are set up for failure because of people proclaiming them being of the game’s elite when they are merely just good players. Who are these people? Usually scouts, coaches, and other basketball people that are trying to discover the next great one. I have no doubt that their intentions are good, but what happens is it instills bad habits in players and gives them a false sense of self value. What usually happens is many other players catch up to them and they have no idea how to work their way out. Great player sometimes dominate from a young age, but a big percentage peak later in their careers. The word great can be a very powerful thing that can impact a player greatly in a positive as well as a negative one.

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